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About Diving Koh Chang

At Diving Koh Chang, we’re not just about diving. We’re your way into a whole new world under the sea. We think the ocean is full of amazing things that everyone should see. That’s why we’re here — to help you explore the awesome underwater parts of Koh Chang.

How Diving Koh Chang Started

About 15 years ago, I visited Koh Chang for the first time. I fell in love with its beautiful beaches and green landscapes. But what really amazed me was what’s under the water. The sea life here is just incredible.

That’s when I knew I had to share this special place with others. So, I started Diving Koh Chang. We’re not just a dive shop; we’re here to help people discover the cool stuff that’s in the ocean around this amazing island.

Since then, our goal has been simple: to give everyone, whether you’re new to diving or have been doing it for years, a great time exploring underwater in Koh Chang.

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Scuba diving under the crowsnest of the HTMS Chang

What We Stand For at Diving Koh Chang

Daytrip scubadiving Koh Chang

Simplifying Your Scuba Diving Booking on Koh Chang in 4 Easy Steps

Overwhelmed by the booking process? Check out our simple 4-step guide to secure your underwater adventure effortlessly!

Connecting Explorers

At Diving Koh Chang, we’re all about bringing people together who love adventure as much as we do. We’re not just here to take you diving; we’re here to connect you with a community of like-minded explorers. We offer valuable insights, useful resources, and direct links to dive operators who share our goal—to show off the amazing underwater world of Koh Chang.

Promoting Koh Chang’s Beauty

Koh Chang is more than just a great place to dive; it’s a natural paradise on Earth. From its lush forests to its stunning beaches, this island has something for everyone. We’re not just about showing you the best diving spots; we want you to fall in love with the whole island. That’s why we also provide information and tips on how to enjoy all the beauty Koh Chang has to offer.

Conservation at Heart

We love Koh Chang’s marine life and coral reefs, and we want to make sure they’re here for future generations to enjoy. That’s why conservation is a big part of what we do. Through our platform, we aim to educate and encourage both locals and visitors to practice sustainable tourism. We want to make sure that the beauty of Koh Chang, both above and below the water, stays as enchanting as it is today for years to come.

Join the Exploration

The ocean around Koh Chang is full of amazing things to see. With Diving Koh Chang, you can explore it all! But we’re not just about diving; we’re a community that cares for the ocean and the island.

So, are you ready for an underwater adventure? Ready to see colorful coral and cool sea creatures? Want to be part of a group that loves and protects Koh Chang?

If you’re saying yes, then it’s time to dive in with us! Click the link to join the adventure and help keep Koh Chang beautiful.

About the Author

Maurice van den Heuvel

With 15 years of expertise as a scuba diving instructor, I've guided countless individuals through the aquatic wonders of our world. An entrepreneur with successful business ventures across Europe, I also channel my passion into web creation — including this site. My journey has taken me from the south of the Netherlands to the serene waters of Koh Chang. Dive with me and benefit from a legacy of trust, experience, and unwavering passion.