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Two dive sites that are somewhat less known and not dived every day. Nevertheless, they are worth mentioning.

Blueberry Hill

Other names:Hin Tai Nam
Depth:max 15 meters
Suitable for:DSD try dive, Open Water Divers and advanced
Snorkeling:very nice
koh chang scuba diving fish Blueberry Hill and T11 wreck 1

Blueberry Hill is a delightful and somewhat hidden treasure for divers. This shallow dive site, conveniently located, is easy to circumnavigate in one dive, making it ideal for divers of varying levels of expertise.

One of the highlights of this underwater gem is the abundance of staghorn and vase-shaped corals. These coral formations create a vibrant and captivating landscape, teeming with a diverse range of marine life. The vase-shaped corals, in particular, are a spectacular sight, standing out with their unique shape and intricate patterns.

Among the marine life that inhabits this coral-filled world, the regular presence of a turtle is a delightful surprise for divers. The sighting of this gentle, majestic creature effortlessly gliding through the water is indeed a sight to behold and makes every dive memorable.

As your dive progresses towards the end, you’re led over the reef, an adventure in itself. This area is home to a myriad of rock formations, providing a perfect hiding place for groupers. Their ability to camouflage against the rocks adds a touch of mystery and thrill to your underwater exploration.

Blueberry Hill isn’t just about its coral and groupers; it’s also home to impressive predators. Regular sightings of large barracudas silently waiting for their prey introduce an element of raw, untamed nature that reminds divers of the realness and spontaneity of this underwater world.

Furthermore, the rocky parts of this dive site house an interesting variety of smaller but equally fascinating creatures. The sight of sea slugs, with their bright colors and unique shapes, adds a touch of whimsy to the dive. Occasionally, divers might even spot a scorpionfish, a master of disguise that can blend seamlessly with its rocky surroundings.

In conclusion, Blueberry Hill offers a rich and diverse dive experience. Whether it’s the abundant corals, the intriguing marine life, or the exciting topography, every element comes together to create a dive that’s both relaxing and full of discovery. This is a site that promises a unique adventure with each dive, beckoning divers to uncover its wonders time and again.

T11 shipwreck

Other names:PGM 71
Depth:max 16 meters
Suitable for:Open Water Divers and advanced
Snorkeling:not recommended
t11 shipwreck kohchang 1 Blueberry Hill and T11 wreck 2

The T11 Wreck is an intriguing underwater attraction, located a mere 50 meters from other notable diving sites such as Hin Raap South, Secret Reef, and Blueberry Hill. This modest-sized maritime wreckage used to be a Coastal Patrol Gun Ship, originally crafted by the renowned PGM Motor Gun Boat manufacturer.

Commissioned into service by the US Navy on September 14, 1964, this vessel was initially designated as PGM 71. Shortly thereafter, on May 5, 1965, it was passed into the hands of the Thai Navy, earning its new moniker, the T11 Wreck.

In 2013, the T11 found its final resting place off the coast of Koh Chang. The 30-meter-long gunboat now lies at a depth of 16 meters. The vessel, no longer whole, has been fragmented and tilted onto one side. Its crow’s nest stands peculiarly on the seafloor, a departure from its original position atop the ship.

The T11 Wreck offers a fantastic diving opportunity for several reasons. It’s an ideal training ground for those interested in wreck speciality and navigation courses, but it’s also a unique spot for a leisurely exploration. Divers can opt to spend part of their dive investigating the wreck before venturing off towards the dive site Secret Reef, or Blueberry Hill. A friendly tip: be on the lookout for a certain Trigger Fish with a fondness for compasses on your journey!

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