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Discover the wonders of Hin Luk Bat, situated west of Bang Bao Pier. Embarking on a short 20-minute journey will lead you to this captivating underwater realm. As you descend, an intriguing triangular rock formation emerges, beckoning divers to explore its mysteries.

Other names:
Depth:max 20 meters
Suitable for:DSD try dive, Open Water Divers and advanced
Snorkeling:very nice

Nestled beside the imposing main rock formation, a smaller rock emerges at low tide, adding to the allure of the dive site. Two buoy lines, positioned at a depth of approximately 12 meters, facilitate navigation. With a maximum depth of 21 to 22 meters, the expanse of Hin Luk Bat invites divers to embark on an extensive underwater journey. The site offers a multitude of diving levels, each teeming with captivating sights. Explorers will quickly realize that a single dive is insufficient to fully appreciate everything this site has to offer.

To truly experience the magic of Hin Luk Bat, it is recommended to indulge in two or more dives. Following one buoy line, divers will be led to a stunning sandy area adorned with enchanting fields of anemones. These vibrant colonies host a variety of marine life, including the adorable skunk clownfish.

The second buoy line at Hin Luk Bat unveils a mesmerizing coral wall, adorned with a plethora of disc corals, serpent corals, and fine spined corals. This magnificent dive site showcases some of the largest coral formations found in our reefs. Additionally, numerous impressive rock formations await exploration, ensuring an unforgettable diving experience.

For the seasoned divers seeking an extra thrill, Hin Luk Bat offers exhilarating swim-throughs. However, these passages require adept buoyancy control and should only be attempted by those with experience. It is advisable to consult your guide and assess the prevailing conditions before attempting the swim-throughs.

One of the captivating swim-throughs can be found between the larger and smaller rock formations of Hin Luk Bat. Accessible through a narrow canyon, this passage leads divers into a shallow ledge, ranging from 3 to 5 meters. Snorkelers, too, can relish in the beauty of this area, observing an array of fascinating marine life such as hermit crabs, nudibranchs, and marbled sea cucumbers.

Renowned as the premier dive site in Koh Chang, Hin Luk Bat is a must-visit destination for diving enthusiasts. Its awe-inspiring underwater landscape promises an extraordinary adventure that should not be missed.

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