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Hin Rap South is a magical underwater spot one of the local sites of Koh Chang. This diving site is like a hidden jewel in the sea and is a favorite for both new and skilled divers. The deepest point you can dive here is about 20 meters, which makes it safe for divers with different skill levels.

A look at Hin Rap South

Other names:Hin Raap
Depth:max 20 meters
Suitable for:DSD try dive, Open Water Divers and advanced
Snorkeling:very nice

Close to Koh Chang, Hin Rap South is a place where the sea floor goes down like a mountain below the surface. Because it’s near Thailand, the water is warm and usually very clear for most of the year. But, it’s good to remember that from May to October the rain can make the water a bit murky.

Amazing Sea Life

What makes Hin Rap South special is all the amazing things you can see underwater. It’s like a garden full of different kinds of coral. There’s hard coral that looks like brains or deer antlers, and soft coral that sways in the water. The rocks underwater also have interesting shapes, with small holes and parts that stick out.

There’s a lot of fish and other sea animals too. You can see small, colorful fish that live near the coral and big fish like barracuda and grouper. Sometimes, divers can even see stingrays, turtles and lots of triggerfish! It’s a very exciting place to dive because you never know what you might see.

When to Dive and Safety Tips

The best time to dive at Hin Rap South is between November and April. During this time, the sea is calm and you can see far in the water. The water is warm too, between 27°C to 30°C (80°F to 86°F), so it’s very comfortable to dive.

But it’s always important to check with the local diving shops about the current conditions. Even though Hin Rap South is a good place for all divers, the water can sometimes move fast. If you’re new to diving, it might be a good idea to dive with a guide.

Final Thoughts

Hin Rap South, near Koh Chang, is a beautiful place to dive. It’s like being able to visit a garden under the sea. Divers can see a lot of amazing animals and have fun exploring. So, if you’re planning a diving trip, consider Hin Rap South. It’s a place where every dive is like going on an adventure.

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