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Koh Chang’s Free Diving Adventures

Koh Chang is a perfect spot for free diving, thanks to its clear waters and beautiful marine life. At Diving Koh Chang, we introduce you to this unique way of exploring underwater – no tanks, just you and the ocean. Dive deep with just a breath, see the sea life up close, and experience the water in the most natural way. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced, Koh Chang offers an unforgettable free diving experience.

Goals, Benefits and Disciplines of Free diving

Discover the pure essence of underwater exploration with free diving. Dive deeper into both the ocean and yourself, reaping the physical and mental benefits. It’s more than just a dive—it’s a transformative journey.


  1. Skill Development: Master the techniques to dive deeper and stay submerged longer using just one breath.
  2. Ocean Connection: Experience a closer, more natural bond with the marine environment without the noise of breathing apparatus.
  3. Personal Challenge: Push your limits and discover what you’re truly capable of underwater.
  4. Mindfulness and Relaxation: Learn to control your breathing, relax your body, and calm your mind in the depths.


  1. Fitness: Free diving can improve cardiovascular health, lung capacity, and overall fitness.
  2. Flexibility: The deep stretches and breathing exercises enhance body flexibility.
  3. Stress Relief: The meditative aspect of free diving can help reduce stress and anxiety, offering a peaceful escape.
  4. Awareness: The focus on breathing and body control enhances mindfulness and self-awareness.
  5. Environmentally Friendly: Without equipment, free divers have a minimal impact on the marine environment, making it a sustainable way to explore the ocean.


  1. Static Apnea (STA): Holding your breath underwater for as long as possible without moving.
  2. Dynamic Apnea (DYN): Covering the greatest possible distance in a pool, either with (DYN) or without fins (DNF).
  3. Constant Weight (CWT): Diving to a specified depth in the open ocean and returning to the surface with the same weight, using fins or a monofin.
  4. Free Immersion (FIM): Diving in the open ocean by pulling yourself down and up a rope, without the use of fins.
  5. Variable Weight (VWT): Descending with the help of a weight and ascending using either fins or pulling on a rope.

Free diving on Koh Chang

Koh Chang, with its clear and tranquil waters, offers an ideal backdrop for this journey. Especially when it comes to Free Immersion (FIM), a discipline that stands out in the conditions Koh Chang offers. Pulling oneself along a guide rope, divers in Koh Chang can immerse deeper into the azure depths, focusing solely on their breath, body, and the surrounding marine spectacle without the propulsion of fins. This method, while ensuring a controlled descent, gifts divers the time to soak in the undersea beauty and hit deeper states of relaxation.

In Koh Chang’s embrace, the benefits of free diving become even more palpable. The serene waters allow for better concentration, facilitating enhanced lung function and promoting relaxation techniques. Plus, with expert guidance available, beginners and pros alike can safely explore the depths, taking their free diving goals to new heights. Dive deep into Koh Chang’s waters, and you’ll soon realize it’s more than just a dive; it’s a dance of breath, buoyancy, and sheer inner strength.

Our Free diving Offerings: Daytrips & Courses

Join us for a captivating day beneath the waves of Koh Chang’s crystalline waters. Designed for both seasoned and novice free divers, this full-day adventure unveils the ocean’s treasures with expert guidance every breath of the way.

Morning Dive at the HTMS Chang Wreck: Our day commences at the renowned HTMS Chang wreck. Once a warship, it now stands as a sentinel of history, submerged in tranquility. As sunlight filters through the water in the early hours, you’ll meander through its storied chambers, each teeming with marine life. The juxtaposition of historical might and marine grace at the HTMS Chang provides a dive experience like no other.

Replenishing Seaside Lunch: Having surfaced from the depths of the past, we’ll anchor at a picturesque spot for a hearty lunch. A spread of local delicacies, fresh tropical fruits, and revitalizing beverages awaits. It’s a moment to relish the flavors of Koh Chang, share tales of the morning dive, and gear up for the adventures still to come.

Afternoon Dives: With energy levels topped up, we embark on two more dives at distinct spots. These locations showcase the diversity of Koh Chang’s marine landscape. Whether it’s the allure of colorful corals, the dance of exotic fish, or the sheer calm of being underwater, these dives offer experiences that cater to every free diver’s fantasy.

To be allowed to free dive, you need a recognized certificate from an organization. All recognized organizations are sufficient. If you don’t have one yet, you can take a course with us to start your adventure.

Koh Chang’s best Free dive Spots

When it comes to free diving in Koh Chang, there are several spots that stand out, but none more so than the HTMS Chang. With its remarkable depth of 30 meters, it’s a favorite among those seeking both challenge and beauty in their diving experience. As we dive deeper into this list, you’ll discover other notable sites that make free diving in this region a truly captivating endeavor. Without further ado, let’s explore the best of what Koh Chang has to offer to the free diving community.

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Looking to Deepen Your Free diving Skills?

If this day’s adventure sparks a deeper interest in you, consider enrolling in one of our comprehensive free diving courses. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to master the basics or an enthusiast looking to refine your techniques, our structured courses offer guidance tailored to your pace. Dive deeper into the world of free diving and unveil the ocean’s secrets like never before.

Check here your free dive courses with us

Safety, as always, stands at the forefront of our expeditions. Our seasoned guides are ever-present, ensuring that your dive is not just enjoyable, but also secure. Immerse yourself in the wonders of Koh Chang’s underwater realm, and let the magic of free diving enchant you.

FAQ about Free Diving

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Some medical conditions may pose risks when free diving. It’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional about any pre-existing conditions or concerns. A medical check-up before taking up free diving is always recommended to ensure safety.

Depth varies based on the individual’s experience and training. Some seasoned free divers can reach depths of over 100 meters! However, most recreational free divers explore between 5 to 40 meters. Notably, the HTMS Chang near Koh Chang is a popular site due to its impressive depth of 30 meters.

While all three involve exploring underwater, there are key differences. Snorkeling typically involves floating on the surface and observing the shallow underwater environment. Scuba diving uses tanks to provide a continuous air supply, allowing divers to stay submerged longer and go deeper. Free diving, on the other hand, requires divers to hold their breath and dive on a single inhalation, challenging them to experience the depths in a more natural and minimalist manner.

Like any sport, free diving has its risks. However, with proper training, guidance, and adherence to safety protocols, beginners can enjoy free diving safely. It’s crucial for newcomers to take beginner courses, learn from experienced instructors, and always dive with a buddy.

While free diving emphasizes minimalism, some gear enhances the experience and ensures safety. Essential equipment includes a mask to improve underwater vision, a snorkel for breathing on the surface, fins to aid propulsion, and a wetsuit for buoyancy and protection against the cold. Some divers also use weight belts to help with buoyancy control and dive computers to monitor depth and time. Always ensure equipment is in good condition before diving.

Free diving, also known as apnea, is a form of underwater diving that relies on the diver’s ability to hold their breath until resurfacing, rather than using breathing apparatuses like scuba tanks. This practice emphasizes the connection between the diver and the underwater environment, offering a serene and intimate diving experience.

There are various training courses available for free divers of all levels. Beginners can start with basic courses that cover fundamentals, safety protocols, and breathing techniques. As one progresses, there are advanced courses that delve into deeper dives, advanced techniques, and even competitive free diving.

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