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Dive deep into the gateway of Koh Chang’s underwater treasures. As Thailand’s second-largest island, Koh Chang is not just a tropical paradise on the surface; beneath its waves lies a vibrant marine world teeming with life. From sprawling coral reefs to the dance of exotic marine species, every dive here promises a unique adventure.

Our platform is dedicated to offering you the best of Koh Chang’s aquatic wonders. Whether you’re an expert diver seeking the next thrill or embarking on your first underwater journey, we ensure every moment you spend submerged is filled with awe and beauty.

Experience the magic of the deep blue with us. With expert guidance, state-of-the-art equipment, and a passion for the ocean’s mysteries, we’re here to connect you to the heart of Koh Chang’s marine splendor. Unlock the gateway to a realm where nature’s grandeur unfolds in every ripple and shadow.

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Dive right in and let the adventure begin! You’ve just surfaced at the gateway to the underwater treasures of Koh Chang, one of Thailand’s most stunning dive destinations. As your virtual dive buddy, we’re thrilled to help you discover the aquamarine wonders that await beneath the Gulf of Thailand.

Our Dive sites on Koh Chang

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Hin Rap South

Dive into Hin Rap South’s coral gardens, meeting vibrant fish and exploring stunning underwater formations
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We’re all about diving, sea life, and the sheer joy of exploring the aquatic world. Whether you’re a seasoned diver, an enthusiastic beginner, or just curious about what lies beneath the waves, we’ve got something to get your fins twitching with excitement.

Koh Chang, affectionately known as the Elephant Island, boasts some of the most awe-inspiring dive sites you could ever hope to explore. From the breathtaking HTMS Chang wreck, Thailand’s largest shipwreck now home to a diverse marine community, to the vibrant and aptly named Hin Luk Bat, the underwater landscape around Koh Chang is as diverse as it is spectacular.

Our mission is to make your dream dive a reality, whether you’re yearning to plunge into the blue for the first time or eager to notch up another epic dive in your logbook. We’ve curated a directory of the finest dive shops on the island, each offering unique courses and packages tailored to divers of all skill levels. We want to make sure that your dive journey in Koh Chang is as smooth as a manta ray’s glide.

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An absolute thrill! A treasure of an experience.
Navigating an alien world filled with color – fascinating!
Clear waters, amazing marine life, dream come true.

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But our passion doesn’t stop at just organizing your dive. We’re keen to share the knowledge, tips, and insights that will enhance your diving experience. Our website is brimming with information about Koh Chang’s dive sites, marine life, and diving essentials. It’s a one-stop resource designed to answer your queries, pique your curiosity, and perhaps inspire your next underwater adventure.

We understand that every diver has a unique story, a unique journey, and unique expectations. That’s why we’re here – to listen, to guide, and to help you create unforgettable underwater memories. After all, diving is more than just a hobby or a sport; it’s a lifestyle, a community, a way to connect with nature and yourself.

As we embark on this journey together, we invite you to share your experiences, your photos, your stories. Let’s build a community of like-minded sea lovers who appreciate the beauty and wonder of our blue planet.

So get ready to strap on your mask and fins, because a world of marine wonders awaits! And remember, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

Here’s to clear waters, vibrant corals, and memorable dives. Let’s make a splash together in Koh Chang!