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Beneath the Waves in Koh Chang: Your Dive, Your Adventure

Welcome to the Underwater World of Koh Chang

Why Koh Chang is a Diver’s Dream

If you’re drawn to the allure of the underwater world, Koh Chang won’t disappoint. This Thai island is a slice of diving paradise with its vibrant coral reefs and abundant marine life. It’s a place where every dive promises a new adventure and the chance to witness the tranquil beauty of the ocean’s depths.

DSD program on Koh Chang
Guided Diving on Hin Luk Bat Divesite

Choosing the Right Dive School for You

Koh Chang boasts a variety of dive schools, each with its own charm. Whether you’re looking for a cozy, personalized experience on a small boat or a livelier atmosphere with more divers, there’s a fit for every preference. Rest assured, quality and safety are constants here—there’s no wrong choice, just different styles to suit your taste.

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Our pricing in more detail

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Dive Sites Galore: Finding Your Underwater Bliss

From the beginner-friendly shallows to the intriguing shipwrecks for the more experienced divers, Koh Chang offers dive sites that cater to all levels. We’ll guide you through selecting sites that will thrill and amaze you, ensuring your dives are memorable and match your skill level.

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Hin Rap South

Dive into Hin Rap South’s coral gardens, meeting vibrant fish and exploring stunning underwater formations
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Marine Life Encounters: What to Expect

Imagine gliding alongside schools of colorful fish, spotting the occasional shy turtle, or locking eyes with a curious moray eel. Koh Chang’s waters are teeming with life, and we’re here to point you to the best spots for unforgettable wildlife encounters.

Protecting Our Ocean: Eco-Friendly Diving Practices

As divers, we’re guests in the ocean’s domain, and it’s our duty to protect it. We’ll share how you can make a difference, from eco-conscious dive practices to supporting conservation efforts. It’s all about leaving a minimal footprint and preserving Koh Chang’s natural beauty for future generations.

Let’s Dive In: Planning Your Trip

Ready to take the plunge? Reach out with what you’re looking for—whether it’s the thrill of exploration, the joy of learning, or the peace of submersion. We’re here to help you tailor the ultimate dive experience in Koh Chang, complete with recommendations for accommodations, travel tips, and the best local spots to enjoy after your dive.

Remember, our goal is to ensure that your time underwater is as enriching and enjoyable as possible. So, don’t hesitate to ask us anything—after all, we’re not just here to guide you; we’re here to dive with you.

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Maurice van den Heuvel

With 15 years of expertise as a scuba diving instructor, I've guided countless individuals through the aquatic wonders of our world. An entrepreneur with successful business ventures across Europe, I also channel my passion into web creation — including this site. My journey has taken me from the south of the Netherlands to the serene waters of Koh Chang. Dive with me and benefit from a legacy of trust, experience, and unwavering passion.